турско кафе Mehmet Efendi

Deforestation and erosion are two of the greatest environmental problems facing the tropics. To prevent these from happening, priority should be given to planting fast-growing trees such as the coffee, lemon and orange trees.
The coffee tree blossoms immediately after the dry season. The fallen leaves contain nutrients and minerals that enrich the soil, thus improving its fertility.

Coffee trees absorb the useful elements from the soil quicker that any other trees.

On the other hand, there are cypresses and pine trees planted around coffee plantations to provide shade also provide nesting for many varieties of birds whose habitats have been destroyed by indiscriminate clear cutting.
During the period of heavy tropical rainfall, the leaves that fall off the coffee trees create a protective layer over the soil that helps prevent erosion. In the dry season, this layer of coffee leaves keeps the soil moist and provides the ideal conditions for all tree growth.

Furthermore, coffee cultivation provides employment to millions of people every year. The sustenance needs of some 20 million families in coffee producing nations are met by working on coffee plantations.

турско кафе