турско кафе Mehmet Efendi

"Do not trust what the coffee grounds tell you, but do not deprive yourselve from the opportunity to read future as far as you can."

The art of reading coffee grounds is as old as coffee itself. Turkish coffee and fortune telling are an inseparable part of the pleasure and conversation associated with coffee. Oriental coffee is the only one letting this art to be performed. This ritual spread to Europe at the end of the 17th century when it became fashionable in Paris, from where it spread to Austria, Hungary and Germany. After the coffee is drunk the cup is placed upside down on its saucer. The person whose fortune is to be read says, "Let my fortune match my state". After the cup has thoroughly cooled, the fortuneteller examines the patterns formed by the grounds. The aim is generally to impart good news and to promote a positive outlook on the future. The shapes and patterns left by the grounds on the cup and saucer have various symbolic meanings....

Learn to read the signs in the coffee-grounds

First and foremost it is very important that the ground is shaken personally by the person who drank the coffee and then they should personally place the cup upside down on the saucer. Some people wish for the best and then touch the bottom of the cup with their finger. Then, when the cup is back in its usual position, it is ready to be read by the fortune-teller. It is a custom for the fortune-teller to say “Let the future follow your wishes” before they start to read the ground. The rest depends on what is seen in the cup of coffee and what people chose to believe in. The most important signs, discovered in the coffee, is that there is always good news.


This sign in your coffee-ground means that goods or cargo are coming your way. Two thick lines mean that either you will go on a sea voyage or you will go on a business trip by sea. An empty triangle means that you will receive a present. It can also indicate easy money.
Black dots, grouped in the coffee-grounds are a sign of money. This means that you will soon receive money. A ribbon—upcoming happy event. It might be the sign of an engagement or you might be invited to a wedding. The crown is a sign of success. You will work very hard and be rewarded with great success.
The shape of a star is a sign of a short or long trip. This could also mean investment. Three dots indicate the beginning of a new friendship. If the dots are too close you will need a bit of patience. A circle means that your fate is open. It is a proof of wedding plans of improvement of your professional position.
An empty triangle is a sign of a happy marriage of the beginning of happy days in your family. The sign that looks like a scull means that the outcome of a governmental or legal matter in which you are involved will be in your favour. A single straight line is a sign of an upcoming journey and a happy arrival.
The picture of a date-palm with dates always indicates great holidays. This means you will visit new countries and meet new people. A key means you will move house, but also that you will win someone’s heart. If there are leaves, it is better for you to keep silent. A  leaf—news from an old friend. It could also mean a nice meeting.
The eye may indicate two things: first it is a sign that there is someone envy of you. The second is that someone is after you because they are interested in you. The picture of a sun set may mean that your greatest desires will suddenly become true very unexpectedly. The dots in the shape of a necklace remind you that great efforts are needed to win the heart of a person. You must make sacrifices.
The Y-shaped sigh means that you will unexpectedly run into a friend. This friend is going to do you a good turn. A picture of a bag means that you will receive money. But you should be careful not to spend it. A butterfly is a sign of confused friendship and it reminds you that you should react by ending it. Be careful!
Three dots in a triangle show that one of your friends will ask for your help. Never take this lightly; lend a helping hand. A picture of an ear or a hook reminds you that you shouldn't believe everything you hear. Be careful. If you believe everybody all the time you may regret it in the end. Dots which look like a handful of sand are a sign that you will spend a great deal of money. Be careful!
BELL A bell means you will receive good news. TABLE A table means uniting. You will take part in a meeting, which will resolve your trobles. LION'S HEAD Lion’s head means your wishes will coe true soon. If you see the whole lion, your success will remain stable and your friends will acknowledge you.
TOWER A tower indicates the presence of people who watch closely what you do and want to be your copy-cats. Be careful and do not talk business in front of anyone. BIRD A bird is fate. You will receive money or goods from an unexpected place or a gift from your friends. PEAR A pear is a sugn that your troubles will soon come to an end.
PENTAGON A pentagon means your chances for success are huge in your endeavour, but you should think carefully before you go for it. SUNSET A sunset means closing a deal. If you intend to make a deal, it will surely close. BELL A toll means good news from your distant friends or from administration.
FLOWER A flower means that one of your wishes will come true. If you are an employee, you will get a raise. PEOPLE People holding hands mean agreement. Soon you will sign a business agreement with some people regarding something which will be of great use for you. HOUSE A house means a fireplace. You will enter a new living place or move.
ANCHOR An anchor is good news for success. You will quickly complete your projects. The anchor also means travelling. TREE A tree means that the money you invested in a deal you led or checked, will bring you profit, but you will have to be more patient. WHALE A whale means success. The one you wait for will come to you and bring you happiness.
BABY A baby means comfort. If you are sad, you will be comforted and calmed.        
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