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Coffea Robusta

"Coffea Robusta" is grown at elevations between 0-600 meters. Unlike the Arabica, the Robusta flowers irregularly and the fruit take 10-11 months to mature.
The coffee produced from the Robusta's round, yellow-brown beans contains around twice the caffeine of Arabica coffee.
In some espresso blends, specially selected high quality Robusta coffee beans are often used in small portions. These premium Robusta coffee beans add body and also cream to the espresso.
On the other hand, some coffee producers use low quality Robusta coffee beans in their blends in high portions as it is relatively inexpensive. Due to its woody and rubbery characteristics, low quality Robusta coffee beans are not favoured by high quality producers.
Robusta makes up 30% of global coffee production. It is easier to cultivate as it is hardy and not sensitive to disease and extreme weather conditions.
The most well known varieties of Robusta are Java-Ineac, Nana, Kouliou and Congensis.

турско кафе