турско кафе Mehmet Efendi

Preparation of traditional Turkish Coffee includes roasting, cooling, grinding, cooking and serving. Almost all traditional tools used in these processes have now fallen victim to the passage of time and modernisation; today, they can only be found in museums or at the windows of antique shops.

Two types of roasters were used: "tava" (pan) and "tambur" (cauldron). The pans were made either from wrought iron or, more rarely, baked clay. The pans had long handles, and some of the large ones were mounted on wheels for easier operation. Roasting was performed over the fire by constantly turning the beans via a manually operated cylinder.

Coffee used to get roasted in home pans. In the palaces they used special coffee roasting pans. The roasted beans were transferred into cooling containers. These containers were ornamented and woodcrafted.
The beans were then ground either in a "havan" (mortar) or in a mill.
The roasted coffee was transferred into cooling containers.
The beans were pound mortars. The pounding was performed by a mallet or a mortar. Hand mills or wooden mills were used for grounding. Both of them had iron mechanisms.
The beans were ground using a hand mill. Along with it wooden mills were also used. The good old bitter coffee was prepared of well roasted beans and after a particularly long brewing it was drunk in one shot without adding sugar.

Turkish Coffee was made, as it is today, from medium roasted beans boiled on a low temperature, with or without sugar. After being ground, the coffee was kept in containers.
Turkish Coffee has always served as a symbol of love, respect and hospitality characteristic of the Turkish culture and traditions. Turkish Coffee was served by girls using special coffee sets. A coffee set consisted of a coffee cloth, tray, cup holders, cups and saucers, as well as a jug to keep the coffee warm. The finest trays, cup holders and saucers were made from gilt  copper. Later, these were made from silver and copper. The cups and saucers were of fine porcelain.

The serving of Turkish Coffee is as important as its preparation. Even in the past the coffee cups are one of the most luxurious accessories in the kitchen.

турско кафе